2&3 September
juni 13, 2017
Yoga for Stress Relief
oktober 7, 2018

ABC YOGA Nybegynnerkurs

Åpningshelg2&3September (8)


This Introduction Course to Yoga is the perfect way to begin (or reawaken) your yoga practice! We offer you a 5-hours’ introduction sessions and 2 gratis yoga .

>nvestment : 1000NOK
Dates for yoga sessions: 6.01.18 /13.01.18/ 20.01.18
This powerful program is designed to introduce new yoga students to the basic yoga techniques, to create flexibility, strength, peace and harmony in the body and mind.

What you will learn during the introduction yoga course:

Intro to what is yoga
Basic breathing techniques
Warm up poses, including the sun salutations
Basic standing postures to cultivate strength and balance
Basic back bends to cultivate mobility in the spine and to awaken energy
Sitting postures like forward bends for flexibility and to calm down
Restorative ending poses for relaxation
We introduce the concepts of breath/movement synchronization (vinyasa), in a slower paced as well as the main concept for yin yoga.
All sessions will be in English.
Registration via website :
Please create a user in our calendar and register yourself for ABC YOGA BEGINNER COURSE on 6th January. So go in calendar to January month. Registration is binding http://studioyoga.no/timetable/ Only 15 Spots.
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