We love beginners

Yoga Studio has created a unique introductory level class and workshop YOGA FOR BEGINNERS that will help you find your way as you begin your yoga practice. Through this workshop, you will dive into alignment, safety, and props taught through a creative flow that is both accessible and challenging. Check out our class schedule for our next YOGA FOR BEGINNERS to begin your practice.

Scroll down to find out the best class for you!

Which Class is right for you?

I am too stiff for yoga
Yin Yoga, Slow Flow, Mindful Yoga

Do you want to relax unwind and smell good?
Aroma yoga

Do you want to feel like you work out a bit but at the same time you feel like stretching?
Slow Flow, Pilates

I like things to be unexpected, to change it up a bit
Core Flow

I would like a warrior yoga , sweat &fun
Power Fow, Core flow

I have absolutely no balance and would like to work on my core
Core Flow, Pilates , Mobility&Flexibility

I am too stiff, my back hurts me and I like privacy
Private Class to asses your posture and design yoga program just for you.

I am a morning person
Godmorgen Yoga

I am still not convinced that yoga is for me
Come and talk to us and give yoga a chance, we are sure we can find yoga that will meet your expectations.

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