February 19, 2022


Stord Hotel



Booking & Registration

Studio Yoga Vikjo


Event Details

We would like to to invite you to our one day  RELAXATION RETREAT designed for those who suffer from everyday business & stress so you can reintroduce rest for your body and mind.

It will be a delicious pause to reintroduce rest and renew your energy in luxury and cosy venue at  Stord Hotel.

Suitable for everyone - no experience of mindfulness , yoga,  is required ... just be you!


What’s included?

  • * A whole day to yourself at Stord Hotel
  • * Yoga sessions - Gentle Somatic Yoga, Yin &Restorative
  • * Relaxation, meditation and breathing practices
  • * Imperfect talks - exploring the causes of stress, anxiety, and tips to calm and de-stress at home
  • * A deep sleep-based meditation (Yoga Nidra) with a magical suprise
  • * Delicious lunch served by Stord Hotel
  • * Tea& Snacks
  • *  Free time
  • * Lots of relaxation, some laughter and an opportunity to make a lasting change in your life

Pricing & Booking

Price 1450 kr

If you would like to stay at the hotel we have room in attractive price so contact us and we will sort it out for you.  

  • DBL Room 995kr ( breakfast included)
  • SGL Room 895 kr ( breakfast included)

Registration deadline: 1st February 2022


Refund Policy :

Tickets can be refunded until 1st January, after it is non refundable.

In case of event being cancelled after 1st February due to Covid-19 restrictions it will be re-schedule at first available date.

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