December 8, 2021





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Women Circle

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What is Women Circle ?

Women circle is a place for community and sisterhood. Women circle is a safe, supportive space to connect and share with one another.

What will I do ?

  • INTUITIVE DANCE -with covered eyes so we can deeply connect to our body, our energy. Dance can help us understand where our emotions are stuck
  • RELAX- we will have a relaxation/meditation session to create a mindful moment to feel and reconnect.
  • CHAT -We will end with chat while drinking a tea and create time for us.

Is Women Circle for me?

It is for women who wants to take a break to hear themselves, to connect and reflect.

What do I need to join ?

You are invited to ‘come as you are’.
Bring scarf to cover your eyes while dancing


¨My intention for women circle is to create 
women community where there is space to listen and be heard,
where you could feel safe and not judged¨

Love, Dorota


Time : 19.30-21:00

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