Dorota discovered yoga when she needed an antidote for faced paced life. Yoga taught her how to slow down, let go of stress, learn how to relax but also to recognize what is important and how to shift her focus on inside. That’s how the life journey has started for her. And today she can share her experience with others. Dorota started her fitness career already at age 16. She holds Professional Fitness Instructor Diploma (200H) das well as Step Instructor Course, Healthy Spine Course, Spinning Course, Power Stretching Course and Pilates Matwork I. She is a certified as Medi Yoga instructor for children.  Dorota has also finished Mindfulness Course .

She holds certification for Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 200h and BeyondBryce Teacher 300H and is specializing in postural alignment in yoga which means she is well equipped to work with people with spine problems such as lordosis, kyphosis, round shoulders and flat back. She pays attention to details and to her customer so everyone can get the best out of their practice. She believes yoga should be adjusted to limitations in our body so we can work safely with no injuries or pain. But most of all she would like people to enjoy yoga, her message is " Do what makes your heart dance and do it well with a big pinch of smile"


Roald is the co founder and owner of Studio Yoga. The first time Roald went for yoga class it was almost against his will. He had grown up plying football and thought yoga was just for hippies. The first class completely changed his mind and got him hooked.

One day he decided to take matters in his own hands and announcing to his wife that he will be a part of her dream and open Studio Yoga so not only she could teach there but also he can come for classes and participate.